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Impact North West runs groups, training sessions and workshops on a regular basis depending on client demand. Please contact Emma Appleby for more details.

Workshops and Training

For Practising Therapists

These offer a forum for meeting and interacting with like minded colleagues, networking and a way of updating, refreshing and developing skills and your knowledge base further. These training sessions will be lead by professionals who have a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise. Workshop sessions add hands on practical work to the theory.

Introductory Sessions

For people who are interested in exploring potential Counselling,Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP or Coaching career or just want to learn more, these training sessions can be a useful taster about the specific theories and techniques used in each.

Impact North West can also run in-house training courses for corporate or other business clients.

Groups for Personal Development

Typically, these are based on small groups of clients who have common goals. Research has shown that making changes in a group setting is a very effective way of achieving goals. Peer support can be a very positive and motivational.

During these group sessions, you will be given skills, techniques and resources to prompt the changes you aspire too. Backed up with clear and straightforward information, sessions have proven to be a valuable way of moving forward.

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Workshop Topics

  • Psychotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Transactional Analysis
  • NLP Skills and Techniques
  • Hypnosis Skills
  • Coaching

Group Session Topics

  • Self Development
  • Weight Management
  • Anger Management
  • De-Stressing
  • Relaxation
" Having benefitted personally and professionally over the years from having counselling periodically at difficult times in my life, imagine my delight at the age of 66 when I found Emma Appleby!

With her gentle, encouraging and insightful approach together with appropriate use of all her resources, she provided me with a safe haven for several weeks where I could express all my self-doubts, anger and real fear about growing older and the way I perceived I was being treated by some family members.

Emma always listened closely to what I had to say. then with quiet reassurance demonstrated skills which helped me to see that I already had the courage and confidence to face up to family members, to increase my feelings of self worth and to establish a more loving rapport with them.

By working with Emma, I was able to examine all the issues that had been troubling me recently, secure in the knowledge that I had found an experienced, well qualified and reflective practitioner. I always came away feeling empowered, more myself and convinced that the world is a better place for having counsellors like Emma in it. "
Client Comment - 2020


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