This page contains some comments from previous clients of Impact North West.

Whilst all the comments made here have been taken directly from client testimonials and letters of thanks, we have not included anything that might identify individual clients. Although all these clients have agreed to us using their comments for marketing and other promotional purposes, we always respect client confidentiality.

" I highly recommend going to see Emma, she has a way of questioning that enables me to find the answers. As a male client, this approach really worked for me. "
Client Comment - 2020
" Really pleased that I tried coaching, it has meant I can now make the choices that feel right for me. Thank you Emma. "
Male Client Comment - 2020
" I am now looking forward to a new chapter in my life, with your encouragement and support I have finally overcome my anxiety and fear. Thank you so much for your help. "
Client Comment - 2019
" I have really enjoyed finding out about Transaction Analysis and making sense of the obstacles from my past. I am now able to be so much more accepting of myself - thank you so much. "
Client Comment - 2018
" Thank you for everything you have done for me in the last year, for all your help. I cherish our sessions and you have really helped me to cope with a difficult time. "
Client Comment - 2017
" I just wanted to thank you for everything. After battling with my weight for many years, with your help, I have finally lost the four stone I needed to lose. I feel healthier and happier than I have done for years. Thank you for your motivation, understanding and above all your kindness, it has worked wonders. "
Client Comment - 2017
" Just wanted to let you know, I'm almost three months in and NO cigarettes, not even the slightest urge. Such a huge success, so thank you for everything. "
Client Comment - 2016
" I cannot tell you how much you helped me learn to cope with things and look for the positive in everything ... Without your help I could have thrown all this away, and not wanting to seem over dramatic, I will be forever grateful to you. "
Client Comment - 2015
" I can't tell you the leaps and bounds of progress we've made since our first session with you. We are really so happy. Our lives have changed for the better. As you predicted, we're so much stronger now for what we've been through and what we've overcome. I don't think there is anyway without your mediation we would have been able to find ourselves in the positive place that we're now in. Speaking as somebody who was reluctant at first to attend, I would recommend it to anybody who feels that they need help.
Client Comment - 2014
" Thank you so very much for helping me make sense of my life again. I couldn't have done it without you. "
Client Comment - 2013
" I can truly say that meeting and working with Emma has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. She has helped me through relationship issues, redundancy and other major events that I found hard to cope with in a reliable and flexible way. I am a better person for working with her and now feel able to take on the world again.

She knows just how much help you need and, just as importantly, when the job is done. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her."
Client Comment - 2012
" Thanks for everything, it has truly been a journey of learning - the toughest time of my life - thanks for helping me through - I needed it. "
Client Comment - 2011
" On a personal note ... I just want to thank you for everything. It's been really, really hard at times and without your help it would have been harder. I'm so grateful for the work we have done and what you have taught me, I'm a stronger and better person for it all and will never forget your kindness, humour and patience. You are a complete star and total professional."
Client Comment - 2010
" Having benefitted personally and professionally over the years from having counselling periodically at difficult times in my life, imagine my delight at the age of 66 when I found Emma Appleby!

With her gentle, encouraging and insightful approach together with appropriate use of all her resources, she provided me with a safe haven for several weeks where I could express all my self-doubts, anger and real fear about growing older and the way I perceived I was being treated by some family members.

Emma always listened closely to what I had to say. then with quiet reassurance demonstrated skills which helped me to see that I already had the courage and confidence to face up to family members, to increase my feelings of self worth and to establish a more loving rapport with them.

By working with Emma, I was able to examine all the issues that had been troubling me recently, secure in the knowledge that I had found an experienced, well qualified and reflective practitioner. I always came away feeling empowered, more myself and convinced that the world is a better place for having counsellors like Emma in it. "
Client Comment - 2008


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